TAG Digital Revolution: How Technology is Improving Dental Surgery

TAG Digital Revolution: How Technology is Improving Dental Surgery

With the right technology, everything you can imagine becomes palpable. TAG’s R&D lab is the place where imagination becomes reality: from planning to execution, our dentists’ journey with us becomes one to be remembered.

It is no doubt that digital technology is improving patients’, dental professionals’ and students’ lives every day, but how exactly does it do it? We have prepared for you a couple of insights into the realm of digital dental surgery and the impact it has on all our lives.

A Pleasant Experience for Patients

Booking a dentist appointment has always left some reluctant and unenthusiastic. The length of the procedure combined with the time and effort invested contributed to the negative stereotypes associated with going to the dentist. Nowadays, these stereotypes are about to be shattered. One day at a time, digital technology is improving patients’ experience in various dental procedures – making them more time-efficient and more comfortable.

In the case of dental implants, both patients and dentists can say good-bye to the period of trial and error. Imagine being able to visualize the exact placement of implants and moreover – the precise depth and angle of each implant within the jaw. The degree of accuracy digital technology achieves and the in-depth information it provides allows for a smoother, faster and more effective process.

The CAD/CAM technology allows dental technicians to simply go through the prosthetic stages thanks to the immediate loading of customized restorations using digital imaging. This means faster results and less visits to the dentist’s office!

Practice for Dental Students

It’s no surprise that digital technology is a favorite of modern dental students – as it can improve the learning experience by showing detailed and comprehensive images of the dental cavity as well as the anatomy of a patient’s jaw. Our revolutionary guided surgery course is one of Tag Academy’s most popular choices for both students and professionals that want to master implantology.

Precise Results for Dentists

One thing we are sure about when it comes to dental cases is diversity. Each patient brings with him a unique case – some uncomplicated and brief, others challenging and long-lasting.

3D computerized imagining helps dental professionals to assess the issues faster and as well as providing important information about bone quality and quantity. This leads to a more accurate diagnosis which can influence the treatment scheme – tailoring it for each patient according to their specific dentures and issues.

The guided surgery element comes into action as well: the radiographic templates provide extremely accurate images of the placement of implants in their most optimal positions.

With TAG, it’s simple: our open system allows professionals to choose which products serve their needs. From planning until final restoration – one workflow, one procedure, one contact person.

We strive to bring the best premium products and excellent customer service for the one and only outcome we share with you – wide, white, and healthy smiles for all patients worldwide!

We are looking forward to hearing your notes and thoughts about this topic.
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