Top 5 details you must consider before you choose your implant supplier

Top 5 details you must consider before you choose your implant supplier

With a success rate of over 90%, dental implants have been increasing in popularity, as proven to enhance patients’ quality of life by offering them a new long-lasting dental solution and a natural look.

New implantologists enter the dental implant arena every year, curious and determined to develop their practices and learn more about the implantology domain. Either because they want to stay up-to-date with all innovations or because they think dental implants can become beneficial to their clinics, the reasons for entering and develop this domain can only bring more value.

There is no doubt that sometimes, entering the dental implant system can be puzzling for beginners. The dental market is a competitive territory, with long-established names and resourceful newcomers. However, one thing is clear: marketers will do their best to differentiate their practice and services from the others. This road starts with choosing carefully and correctly your suppliers, the most trustworthy partners who can lead your practice to the success you aim for.

On that note, we prepared 5 details you must consider before you choose your implant supplier.

Detail #1

Create the correct variety in the range of products & materials

Should you choose one supplier or two? In this domain, working with a close partner is one of the most important elements that can generate the success you dream of, and bring the best results in your implant procedure. On the other hand, we do need to keep in mind that the variety of implants manufactured is based on the variety of patients who can walk into your clinic asking for your help. Therefore, having several implant options, each with its advantages and unique characteristics, provides you with convenience and the facility of choosing the best instruments for each particular case.

Our tip – optimize the implants solution based on the patient characteristics and needs, and check who, among your suppliers, can assist you in optimizing that.

Detail #2

Validate you have the full quality certificates for each implant

Meeting a dentist’s needs and expectations can be a challenging endeavour. Due to your high professionalism and sense of responsibility for your profession, the standards are always high (as they should be!). Owning quality and regulatory certificates represents an enormous advantage when choosing a dental implant supplier because it reflects their reliability and commitment to improving people’s standard of life.

Our tip – make sure your supplier REALLY have the local certificates (you can compare them with this detailed list as seen in Tag Dental regulatory obligations, presenting both local and global full set of standards).

Detail # 3

Check the company’s longevity in the market

Companies with lengthy history inflict a sense of authenticity and confidence, as they have been present on the market for many years before you even dreamt of becoming a dentist… But the reputation of a company is just one factor – nowadays success is supported by years of comprehensive research, development and innovation. It reflects consistency and adaptability to new challenges and new requirements.

Detail # 4

Verify worldwide accessibility

An important aspect to consider when choosing your implant supplier is how fast, efficient and opportune the supplying process is. Investing in dental implants and equipment is a major leap. It is essential to have smooth access to your supply to provide your patients with the best experience and a customer service system when things can go wrong and you need support.

Detail # 5

Investment in education and training

We know that in-depth and perpetual education is a priority of a great dentist. In such a dynamic and innovative field, learning never stops. Companies that invest in education invest not only in their future on the market but also in dentists and specialists who can improve their patients’ lives by using high-quality products.

For us at Tag Dental, education represents a central pillar of success. Through Tag Academy our peer-to-peer sharing and education hub, we strive to connect students and instructors in the best-prepared training modules and to insert the passion for dental development in the freshest minds.

Enjoy the journey!

We are looking forward to hearing your notes and thoughts about this topic.

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